Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I'm totally confused and prostrated right now. It's been a month since the last time that I write on this blog. And I don't know the reason why I should come up and write again on the blog. Maybe because of the dream that I had yesterday. Its August and irritates me a lot, its such a long time since I remembered him and so post to be I already forgot that its his birthday but for some reasons I remembered it. And take note he was in my dream together with his together which I carried along. I know already that he has his own family and I'm happy for him but I don't know why should I act like this way. The moments that we had came and came in to my mind after the dream. Or may be I should called it a nightmare. We have our own different life right now and careers. 

I hope I could find my own peace in side my heart for a better future right now. I have a lot of things to do in my life and I don't know where I should started right now, so I hope that it won't batter me any more. I'm sick of these things, past is past and I have nothing to do with it. Please God help me!

Monday, February 6, 2012

naisip lang

ka stress naman tong BFF ko ng dahil sa kanya is napapaisip din tuloy ako. Bakit nga ba naman hanggang ngayon eh single pa din kame. ako deadma lang naman pero minsan naiisip ko din yon. ganon ba ko ka choosy at hanggang ngayon ay single pa din ako. pero 3 naman kame ng BFF ko na officialy is single pa din. altough nagkaron na din naman ako ng 2 relationships. pero i can say na yung 1st is yon talaga yung serious for me kasi his my 1st bf and his the man na talaga. tanga lang ako kc pinakawalan ko pa siya..hahahaha! yung second naman is di seryoso pustahan lang yon kaya nga bitter sya saken eh,hehehehe!

ayoko ng isipin na single ako ang mahalaga i have my BFF, family on my side always. don pa lang ok na ko.. and i believed na may taong nakalaan para saken..

Sunday, January 22, 2012

because i miss you


my bear

I want this cute little bear with red guitar. Before I received a pink bear with sneakers on the hand. My office mate gave it to me as my request for my Christmas gift. It was my mind of relief in my everyday habit. It can give more strength for my everyday life. 

Yesterday I received a call from my friend named Billy. He's my best friend, I'm little bit sad because his getting married on Saturday (Jan. 28, 2012). It made me sad because his stepping 
to the next level of his life as a husband. For sure his wife will not be at ease with us every time we have our Gimik's. I love him like my brother, he is so sweet to me/us. When we were still in college we hang out a lot at school, church and party's. His a very supportive friend to us. Through ups and down he is always with us and give us his warm hug every time we have our tears in our eyes. I'll just wish him well for his new life as a husband to his wife. More Blessings and babies to come. May God guide them all throughout. I love you my Honey Billy, my guy, my best friend and my Brother. =)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

my song


Got the chance to watched his new korean series here in Philippines entitled "Heartstrings". I just fell in love with his character at the series as yu yon hwa or Kevin. A typical guy who fall in love with a dance professor at his school. He's the lead vocalist and guitarist of his own band called "the stupid". They played at the bar near at their school and their very popular on school. He got the looks and a voice that you'll fell in love. I love the way he loved the woman of his life named Nicole. He did everything for Nicole.. I can't explain the right word to described his personality on the series. All I know is that I love him. Hahahaha! Sounds funny but its true. I wanted someone who's just like him, the one who'll do anything for me and never leave me. I hope one day I will have given the chance to meet him in Korea and take a picture with him because he is so cute. I like the way he smiled and sing. I love his voice. Go Li Xin!

Monday, January 2, 2012

i fell inlove to this movie. first movie i've watched for the year of 2012. i really like the story of the movie its very cute and very inspiring. that if we have a dream we should go for it. its not about what we want but because its our passion and we love doing what we want. i like the guy who played George, his so cute. its a japanese movie and its my first time to watch a japanese movie and its great!. Osamu Mukai is his name. i hope someday i could find someone like him who can push me up for my dreams. i'm such a hopeless romantic person..hahahaha!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

paradise kiss

very stressing day for me to find out the song from the movie. its so hard to find the song, it captured my heart because the lyrics was awesome. i really like it. and the movie as well.