Tuesday, December 27, 2011

the real me

I'm Lelanie dela Torre from Batangas but I'm currently here in Manila since in College days until I finished my school and got the chance to worked in Fedex Inc.,/Air 2100 Inc., My friends called me Laine or Lanie. I loved being with mg nieces and family and my friends as well. My BFF says that I'm a good in terms of advice through their family problem or love life. I never got the chance to have a very long time relationship coz I'm a type of a person who's afraid of falling in love in to someone because I don't want to be hurt. I don't know why but its my personality at all. I grow up in a religious family that's why if I have a time I'll make it sure that I'll drop to church to pray and thank Him for all the Blessings that He have in to me and my family. I dreamed that one day I will find a guy who's God peering and family oriented and someone who will love me for being who am I.  I'm the only child of the family that's why sometimes I'm being childish but I love being ME.

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