Thursday, January 19, 2012


Got the chance to watched his new korean series here in Philippines entitled "Heartstrings". I just fell in love with his character at the series as yu yon hwa or Kevin. A typical guy who fall in love with a dance professor at his school. He's the lead vocalist and guitarist of his own band called "the stupid". They played at the bar near at their school and their very popular on school. He got the looks and a voice that you'll fell in love. I love the way he loved the woman of his life named Nicole. He did everything for Nicole.. I can't explain the right word to described his personality on the series. All I know is that I love him. Hahahaha! Sounds funny but its true. I wanted someone who's just like him, the one who'll do anything for me and never leave me. I hope one day I will have given the chance to meet him in Korea and take a picture with him because he is so cute. I like the way he smiled and sing. I love his voice. Go Li Xin!

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